To realise the opportunities that life has to offer it is important to apply some critical thinking to your goals and aspirations.  Without this your path and realisation of one goal may conflict or make other more difficult to reach. Letting events dictate your life is not the best way to make progress.

In retirement I have looked back on my life or work, marriage, bringing up children and thought it would have been nice to have a mentor who I could have discussed which of the various opportunities to pursue.

Now I am financially independent and do not have to work to sustain my lifestyle,  I can chosse what voluntary or paid work I wish to undertake.

The age that people become financially independent and how much money they  require will depend upon many factors. For many FI is at retirement, today 68 or beyond. For others it can be as young as 30 and for you anywhere in between.

I am therefore providing some links and thoughts that may help people plan their own career and life goals.

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